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UiPath Certified Professional Specialized AI Professional Certification Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide for Specialized AI Professional Certification

UiPath Certified Specialized AI Professional Certification is one of the newest additions to the certification list. We are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence being adopted to every activity we do. It is important to upskill ourselves in AI to be prepared for the future. The new certification focus on preparing you for AI capabilities offered in the UiPath platform.

The preparation guide offered here is not a replacement for the UiPath academy learning plan. Specialized AI Learning Plan in the UiPath academy is the primary learning source. Consider the content offered here as an additional knowledge base for your learning journey. Each video offered here also contains many extra URLs for useful resources to learn. Make sure to view the video descriptions of each video while you learn.

UiPath products covered in the preparation guide:

  • UiPath AI Center

  • UiPath Document Understanding

  • UiPath Communications Mining

The tutorial is currently being updated with new content. Keep visiting for up to date content.

Video Series

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