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Learn About Data Services

Automation runs on data. Data Service enables easy data storage and transfer between automation solutions

All the automation processes we create runs on data. The data is often fetched from flat files, excel, databases, websites, and other sources to generate the required output. Automating business processes to generate the output needed is not just one task. Most of the time, the automated business processes consist of multiple automation processes that cover several stages of the process. Hence, a proper and efficient handover of data from one process to another is important. Most of the time, we use excel files or databases for this matter.

How about using a much better solution?

UiPath Data Service is a feature/ tool introduced by UiPath to store data used within automation processes in a relational structure. UiPath Data Services can easily integrate with automation workflows to fetch and insert data as needed into the relational design. Furthermore, the Data Service can also support the storage of files for better accessibility. The access control features of the Data Service ensure the data is encrypted and secure all the time.

This video tutorial focuses on a simple use case around the use of Data Service in an automation workflow. The tutorial takes you through a simple use case describing how to perform specific actions such as creating data entities, building relationships, inserting and updating data in entities, and fetching the required information from the entities.

Video Series

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