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Discover Automation Potential in Processes

Identifying processes to automate is not an easy task. Let's see how we can easily handle this...

Identifying the automation potential of a business process is one of the critical requirements during the process discovery phase. It is not possible or recommended to apply automation on top of every process. The business processes are created by a lot of manual steps done by many people over a period of time. Hence, it is crucial to understand every stage of a business process to decide the automation potential.

We, as engineers, conduct several sessions with the business users to capture the requirements at the most detailed level. Furthermore, we also use several tools that simplify the requirement gathering sessions and analysis of the data to identify the key elements and constraints efficiently.

This tutorial focus on a quick guide on how the process discovery phase. The tutorial also focuses on some of the tools we can use during process discovery to analyze complex business processes better.

Video Series

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