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Advanced UiPath Document Understanding

A use case based video series that covers all the advanced concepts of using Document Understanding.

Document processing is of the most common, and manual processes that we see in any organization. The processing of documents take a lot of time and effort. There are many document processing solutions available in the market today to automate the manual tasks. One of the best tools available is the UiPath Document Understanding.

Document Understanding is a bit different from any other RPA solution that we build to automate routine tasks. The reason for it to be different is the nature of the documents and the logics involved. As we know, the documents can come in various different ways. The content of the documents can be structured, semi-structured, or even unstructured. Further, the documents could contain computer generated data, handwritten data, images, and many more. Hence, sometimes it is not straight forward as other processes.

It is very important to understand the detailed in depth concepts to build a good reliable Document Understanding solution. This effort is to share the knowledge and help guide the community to better understand how to build a solution using advanced features of UiPath Document Understanding.

Video Series

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