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Delhi NCR In-Person Meetup: RPA Trends, Citizen Development Trainings & Integration Services

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The community engagement for the year 2023 started with in-person and virtual meetups... The Delhi event was a great success with many unforgettable moments...


Special thanks to @Boundaryless Group @Ishan Sharma and @Erik Gillet for hosting this amazing meetup.

Meetups are a great way to start the year. The fantastic opportunity I had to attend the Delhi event was memorable.

Here are some of the key moments of the session


Citizen Developer Training in Oman

Devyani presented her experience conducting large-scale citizen developer training in Oman for over 200 people. The training and development plan she presented foreseeing the future needs and standards was amazing.


RPA Trends in Document Understanding and Artificial Intelligence

I had the opportunity to talk about trending topics, mainly artificial intelligence. Some of the trends discussed were:

  • The use of AI, NLP, and Natural Language Generation (NLG) for unstructured document creation

  • How technologies like ChatGPT can help automate document processing

  • AI-powered document splitting based on the layout and context of the document

  • Use cases around object detection


Technical topic: API Integration Services

We had a very interactive presentation and discussion on UiPath Integration Services and its capabilities by Satish Prasad. The session covered an overall introduction to UiPath Integration Services, followed by a practical use case on the use of it on different applications and triggers.


Introducing a New Book

My new book on Intelligent Document Processing will soon be available for the community. The first pre-release of the book was handed over to Vibhor and all UiPath MVPs who attended the session.

Stay tuned for more details about the book...


That wraps up the event...

We had a lot of great discussions about many topics after the event with community members.

See you again soon!

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